Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch


With our SeaSense® Solid-State Bilge Switch, you can know at a glance if your bilge system is functioning properly.

If the green LED is illuminated, the switch is in stand-by mode. If both of the LEDs are illuminated, the bilge pump should be active. If not, it is a clear indication that further troubleshooting is required.

The SeaSense Solid-State Sensing Bilge Switch is designed to eliminate the problems associated with old-style float switches. Our switch has sensors that activate automatically when water reaches the installed height of switch in the bilge. It conserves energy by running only when water activates the pump. When the water reaches the preset level, the switch senses it and turns on the attached bilge pump (not included). When the water level drops, the switch turns the pump off. It’s that simple! We designed our switch to be mounted in small spaces.

  • Converts any manual bilge pump to automatic
  • LED lights let you know when the pump/switch is active
  • All solid state/no moving parts/does not pulse/smallest bilge switch
  • Completely waterproof unit, multiple mounting positions
  • Works in salt and fresh water even when stray current present
  • Meets ABYC and UCSG standards
  • Save battery power by consuming only .05 amps in stand-by 
  • Supplied with 22" of #16 gauge marine grade tinned wire, stainless steel mounting screws, and 7.5 Amp fuse/holder

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