Dual-Bilge Y-Valve


Add a second bilge pump with the SeaSense® Dual-Bilge Y-Valve to your existing discharge hose.

Always on the leading edge of innovation in the marine industry, SeaSense is proud to bring you a product that boats of any size can appreciate.

Now a secondary bilge pump can be added to your vessel without the need for adding another hole in your boats hull. Now you can easily use your existing through-hull hose. Our Y-Valve consists of two one-way check valves that allow for the use of either bilge pump individually, or both simultaneously without the risk of back flow. It will accept both 3/4” and/or 1-1/8” bilge hose.

Easily add a secondary bilge pump to your vessel to back up your existing system or add a smaller pump to drain your bilges dry. Use in conjunction with our solid-state sensing bilge switch and you will have a bilge system that will take
the worry away while you’re away!

• Easy Installation
• Accepts 3/4” and 1-1/8” bilge hose
• Durable construction
• Built in check valves (to prevent back-flow)
• Easily connect to the existing discharge hose
* Upgrade your existing discharge hose with check valve

*Includes 2 check valves to prevent back flow

Collections: Marine Plumbing

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